The wedding package consists of a full day shoot, from morning prep right up to Uncle John pulling out his best shapes. Couples will receive a Short Film that summarises the day, a Long Edit of chronological clips (including the ceremony), and Speeches.


Wedding Package Breakdown

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Short film

The short film acts as a snapshot, a brief overview capturing all the flavours and emotions of the day.

long edit

The long edit usually lasts around half an hour and is a start-to-finish edit of the best clips.

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All of the speeches are recorded and included in the package, and some even make it on to the short film!


A Selection of Short Films

Below you can find a small selection of Short Films. If you would like to see more, then head over to the Sightseer Facebook page!

Lizzy and Rory

Laura and Peter

Anna and Andy

Kerri and Ryan

Alice and Luke

Laura and Andy